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We help companies grow through
developing mobile applications.

We focus on native programming languages, which give you the widest
opportunities to implement in your working environment.

Java / Android


With 80% market shares Android remains the best option for your business.

Android gives you almost unlimited opportunities to adopt and integrate with any devices and software. Therefore, you shouldn't disregard Android when you are in front of a mobile transformation.

Objective C / Swift (iOS)


By virtue of numerous apple users, programming mobile apps on iOS is still crucial for your company.

iPhone or iPad is constantly getting new advocates looking for new technological innovations. Keep them in mind when you will be starting your project.

How we work

Check our process which makes our clients successful

Concepting and strategy

1. Concepting
and strategy

Detailing requirements and possibilities. Defining the project development strategy and creating the first draft of the specification with mockups.

Product design UX/UI

2. Product design

The first draft of the graphics and UX/UI design for the project. Possibility to choose out of three proposals and time for designers to create all the screens.


3. Coding

Planning of the project, dividing into 2-weeks sprints on Jira. Constant contact with Slack and emails.


4. Testing

Professional internal testing on the mobile and web applications. Volumetric, automatic and functional tests included in the price based on the international ISTQB certificate.

Deployment & Maintenance

5. Deployment
and Maintenance

Publication on Google Play, App Store or on devices inside the company. 6 months cost-free guarantee and collecting feedback from users.

Health Monitoring Online

The Health system, which monitors health conditions and stores medical data. It consists of an app, which operates on two systems: Android and iOS, a web application for doctors and administration panel to manage the whole system.


Thanks to integration with devices used to health condition monitoring, a mobile application stores current medical data of each user. The most important part of the whole development process was the integration with doctor's panel, who has live access to all medical results of all of his patients. Another challenging part was the exchange of efficient information between acquaintances and family members of each patient.


Android / JAVA, iOS / Swift, ASP.NET Web API 2, SQL Server, Angular 4, HTML5, SSL


100 days


“Thanks to HMO app clients of clinics, doctors, and patients in the UK are finally integrated and are able to exchange information about health condition in a fast and convenient way. We have plans to develop new in-app features and we are glad to have a possibility to do it with ITgenerator. Besides, they act fast and reliably, and it's true - they have huge experience in mobile app development.”
Health Monitoring Online


in which our apps are present

Our work

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Advanced medical couriers managing system

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The complete guide on how to avoid mistakes in creating mobile apps

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