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About us

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Our mission is to support your business.
We know that the right technological solutions increase productivity of businesses and multiply profits.

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Who are we?

A tightly knit team of 13, passionate about software development. We think creatively. We design, develop and implement mobile applications. We carefully research needs and develop dedicated solutions. Everything to improve the efficiency of your business.

What do we aim for?

Perfection. Above all, we want to satisfy the client. We wish to be your partners. We are open, communicative, ready to talk and professional. We will always find time for you. We invite you to the headquarters of our company, located in the Poznan Technology and Industry Park.

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How do we work?

Diligently and reliably. We know what synergy is.
We believe that teamwork produces the best results.

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Our team

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CEO & Project Manager
CEO / Project Manager
Project Manager
Project Manager
Marketing Mobilny
Mobile Marketing
Programista Android
Android Developer
Programista iOS
iOS Developer
Programista Android
Android Developer
Programista Android
Android Developer
Programista iOS
iOS Developer
Programista aplikacji internetowych
Web/Server/API Developer
Programista aplikacji internetowych
Web/Server/API Developer
Android Developer
Android Developer

Our story in a nutshell

Our values

We have got
our priorities

Pracujemy dla firm z następujących branż
Building lasting relationshipsBuilding lasting relationships

We care about long-term cooperation with our clients. We offer support after project implementation.


The entire team work on each project. We communicate internally to exchange thoughts and ideas. All to achieve the best results.


The client may verify the project at any stage and decides about the course of works and the final result.

15 points of the Quality Policy

  1. Client's satisfaction is the most important thing for us. Before starting a project, we precisely define its requirements.
  2. The entire team work on each project. Communicating with one another we exchange thoughts and ideas, all in order to achieve the best results.
  3. We use an internal issue tracking system, which is available not only to the employees, but also to clients. Thanks to that, we work faster and more efficiently.
  4. The inquiry response time is max. 24h.
  5. In our work, we use advanced versioning tools for the project source files. This means that we are able to return to earlier versions of our work. We guarantee data security.
  6. We verify the quality of our products at every stage, in accordance with Continuous Integration.
  7. All feedback from our clients is taken into account.
  8. Each product is thoroughly tested. We have been certified with ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) and the Auditor Certificate ISO 9001.
  9. We work with test management systems. Owing to this, each of our solutions is verified and a report from the test is generated.
  10. Accurate documentation of work and progress allows us to constantly improve the processes of product development and implementation. We do not repeat our mistakes.
  11. The client may verify the project at any stage.
  12. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our services.
  13. We examine our clients' level of satisfaction and improve our business processes on its basis.
  14. We encrypt data. Your safety is of paramount importance for us.
  15. We are open to your suggestions and ready to talk.

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