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  • Mobile applications: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Web applications
  • Single and multi-station programs
  • Production control in rolling mills, foundries and steelworks
  • Visualization of technological processes


  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Data collectors
  • Touch screens
  • Servers


  • GPS and Google maps
  • NFC, RFID cards and chips
  • Portable thermal printers
  • Upload/download of server data
  • Mobile devices in-built sensors
  • Camera and picture editing
  • Notifications

Business, industry and organisations are demanding clients that require offbeat solutions.
We are able to accomplish any project.
Combine web, mobile and desktop applications, work out innovative solutions.
All to satisfy the client and provide the solution he needs.

Mobile development

Mobile application

A mobile application is software that works on mobile devices - tablets, smartphones, and data collectors.

During the mobile app development process, we will make sure that crucial information and useful features are available regardless of circumstances - also offline.

Web development

Web applications

Continuous technological development makes web applications increasingly popular.

Broadband Internet enables fast and trouble-free access to apps that can be updated on the fly. Our web developers can show you unlimited possibilities and adapt most proven and scalable technologies on your ground.

Product design UX/UI

Mobile application

A well-conducted app design phase will bring your product to an exorbitant level.

Together with a great design team, you will create a new quality for the users of your application, combining the possibilities of technology with a delightful look and reliable usability.

Mobile game development

Web applications

Thanks to the unity engine, creating games has become more accessible to your needs.

Virtual reality may not only be useful for entertainment. More often, business is using games to increase the involvement and loyalty of users, making them brand ambassadors as a result.


In our daily work we use the latest technologies...

In mobile applications
we use…
The system is known around the world. Its task is to provide the user with information about his current location and help in navigation.
The electronic label / RFID card layout allows the reader to read the data - identify it. The technology is used, for example, in payment cards (contactless payment function). Our applications can read, but also save data on a label / RFID card. We can put up to 64 KB of data on it.
A standard solution that allows communication between devices and data exchange at a distance of up to 20 cm.
Graphic, matrix graphic sign. With it, you can encode over 4000,000 characters. The given code is placed on the selected item or in a given place. It is scanned by a camera built into the mobile device. After scanning, the user receives additional information.
They appear in the system dock and send personalized messages from the application (eg reminders).
We use the ability to take pictures using a camera built into a mobile device. Pictures are automatically processed, scaled, compressed and possibly sent to the server.
Microsoft's development environment. We perfectly know each version of it. This excellent tool allows you to shorten the time of project implementation. We are able to adapt older designs to current standards. Everything depending on the client's needs.
An integrated development environment that we use to create mobile applications native to the Android system.
An integrated development environment created by Apple. We use it to create mobile applications native to iOS.
A set of ready-made visual components that significantly improve work on the project.
A programming tool of the highest quality. We use them to create queries for databases. Answers are accurately presented in a transparent, graphical manner.
Another set of ready-made components accelerating the process of application development.
Standard tools for communication with external systems. They enable data exchange between servers.
When creating web applications
we use…
Thanks to this tool, the web application works faster, it is possible to separate parts of the project from each other.
The use of Ajax technology means that you do not have to reload pages in the application to refresh data.
It makes it much easier to use the Java Script scripting language.
World-renowned data format. It enables any project extension, integration with other external products.
The tool will adapt web applications to the device on which it will be used, taking into account the specificity of the equipment, its dimensions and functionality.
A web application platform for supporting complex projects.
A library that allows you to trigger actions in the browser from the server side.
A set of elements that enable building websites.

We care about security

We secure both the source code and the quality of implementation

We protect results of our work by means of version control systems: Git, SVN.
We care about security
We ensure continuous quality of our solutions by means of: JIRA, TestLink, nUnit, Mantis.
Thanks to that, we are able to return to the previous version of files at any time.

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