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Application cost = features number and level of complexity

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Mobile application development consists of several stages.

Each of the stages is equally important, and none of them can be skipped if the project is to be a success. If you have already completed a project, we will audit ready materials or the code before proceeding to the next one.


  • Analysis of user needs, competition, benchmarks and inspirations, as well as business priorities.
  • Making the Customer Journey Map.
  • Determining the scope of features, product concept, list of recommendations and stages of implementation, and designing a mockup of the main screen.
  • Finally, coming up with the final UX/UI Design pricing and preliminary pricing for Programming.
  • The workshops are conducted in person or online as a 2-day, 4-hour brainstorming session, with the Design Thinking methodology.
  • It is also possible to create a clickable application prototype based on black and white mockups and test it on the target group.

Who is it for?

  • I want to validate my idea
  • I want to create an innovative solution and don't know where to start
  • I want to know the cost of implementing UX/UI Design and the preliminary cost of Programming
  • I want to prioritize features and integrations
  • I want to create a prototype for an investor or the Management Board
  • I want to test the prototype on the target group
  • I want to adjust the scope of features to the budget.

Preparation time: 2 - 4 weeks

Cost: 1 300€ - 2 400€


  • Information architecture and UX flow, creating black and white UX mockups.
  • Creating UI screen mockups, creating a Design System application, generating files for programmers in Zeplin.
  • UX/UI Design stage concludes with a functional specification and the final pricing for programming.
  • We design in Figma and regularly consult completed screens with the client. Then, we apply appropriate corrections to achieve the desired effect.
  • After the UX/UI Design stage, we recommend investing in professional testing on the target group, followed by a report.
  • 5 users detect about 75% of bugs, so a properly prepared interview will help to eliminate them, which often decides the success of a product.

Who is it for?

  • I have participated in the workshop, and I want to create a functional and graphic design of the application
  • I want to test the prototype on the target group
  • I want to know the final pricing for Programming
  • I want to prioritize features and integrations
  • I want to create a prototype for the investor or the Management Board
  • In the next step, I want to develop and launch a mobile application

Preparation time: 3 - 10 weeks

Cost: 4 000€ - 12 500€


  • Native mobile application programming for one or two operating systems (Android and/or iOS).
  • Web application or admin panel programming - frontend and backend.
  • Mobile and/or web application Backend programming.
  • Integration with external systems or devices.
  • A dedicated Project Manager for the duration of the project.
  • Functional and automatic tests carried out by a Quality Assurance Specialist and code refinement.
  • Pricing depends on the number and the level of complexity of features, as well as on the number of operating systems. In earlier stages, i.e. during the UX Workshops and UX/UI Design Workshops, we agree on the scope of features and the budget, based on actual business needs.

Who is it for?

  • I want to create a basic version of a mobile application.
  • I want to check if the target group will use the mobile application.
  • I want to code planned features for several operating systems.
  • I want to develop a mobile app that will be expanded in the future.
  • I want to cooperate with an experienced development team that will handle the project comprehensively.

Preparation time: 8 - 20 weeks

Cost: 15 000€ - 60 000€

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Frequently Asked Questions

We used the 'fixed price' as well as time & material settlement method.

Fixed price is a form of settlement based on the agreed, fixed remuneration for a specific scope of functionalities. It is the best solution for big and small enterprises which know what functionalities their mobile or web application should be equipped with and have a specific budget at their disposal.

Time & material involves the creation of a mobile application based on the agreed hourly wages and the scope of actions which is not precisely defined and may be subject to modifications. It is the best solution for startups, as it allows to account for numerous changes and additions arising in the course of software development, while still remaining in control of the budget.

The form of billing always depends on the character of the project and clients' preferences.
The first stage of cooperation is the UX Workshop, creation of the concept and a list of key features. Based on that, we estimate the time and resources needed to create graphic and functional UX/UI Design, as well as the preliminary price for Programming.

Developers are only able to accurately assess the time needed to code a given feature/screen based on the target graphics and functional specification.

Each programmer needed to develop the application estimates the workload required for developing a given feature in man-days or man-hours. Then, each man-day is multiplied by our current rate.

Time and work of a Project Manager (+15% of the project value) and a Quality Assurance Specialist (+15% of the project value) are added to the price.
The mobile app price includes:
  • List of features agreed on during the workshops with the client.
  • The number of man-hours per platform: Android, iOS, Web, Admin Panel.
  • The number of man-hours required for developing the Backend and the server part.
  • Additionally, the time of the Project Manager (15%) and the Quality Assurance Specialist (15%) are added to the sum of man-hours.
  • A programmer estimates each feature in man-days.
  • The client receives a quote in a PDF presentation and quote details in an Excel file.
A rough estimate of the cost may be provided after the first in-depth conversation/meeting and a Q&A session. However, it is only after the UX Workshops when the final list and level of complexity of features are determined that we are able to provide the final pricing for UX/UI Design (UX functional design and UI graphic design) and preliminary pricing for programming.

Once we have complete information, we provide the final pricing in 2 to 5 days.
We issue invoices according to the stage breakdown and the timetable agreed on in the contract.

Usually, the payment is made monthly or upon completion of a stage, such as UX Design or Admin Panel Programming.
The price of the project includes a 12-month guarantee period. If the project requires constant supervision of a programmer and immediate reaction to potential errors, we recommend buying the maintenance service.

Monthly cost of the maintenance service is calculated individually and depends primarily on the scope of functionalities and the number of users.

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