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How much does it cost to create a mobile app?

Estimating the cost of a mobile application doesn't have to be difficult and time-consuming. Potential investors expect accurate, realistic estimates. The key to success in this respect is experience, which allows us to ask relevant questions in the course of the pricing procedure. It is these questions that ultimately make it possible for us to discern clients’ expectations quickly.

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Choose one of the flexible variants, the best for your application


  • One operating system (Android or iOS)
  • Application for devices such as smartphones or tablets
  • One screen orientation – vertical or horizontal
  • One language version
  • No graphic design
  • No integration
  • Basic functionalities, such as displaying information, pictures, main screen, menu

Preparation time: 2 - 4 weeks

Cost: 1 000€ - 4 900€


  • Two operating systems (Android, iOS)
  • Application for devices such as smartphones or tablets
  • One screen orientation – vertical or horizontal
  • Two language versions
  • UX/UI basic graphic design
  • Integration with API
  • Integration with Facebook, Google Maps, Camera
  • Basic and advanced functionalities
  • Registration and logging in

Preparation time: 4 - 12 weeks

Cost: 5 000€ - 14 900€


  • Two operating systems (Android, iOS)
  • Application for devices such as smartphones or tablets
  • Two screen orientations – vertical and horizontal
  • Multiple language versions
  • UX/UI dedicated graphic design
  • Integration with or creation of dedicated API
  • Integration with Facebook, Google Maps, Camera, RFID, QR code scanning
  • Integration with external devices
  • Basic and advanced functionalities
  • Registration and logging in
  • Payments
  • Reporting
  • Administration panel
  • Web version of the application

Preparation time: minimum 10 weeks

Cost: 15 000€ - 50 000€

Each and every application is additionally provided with the following:

Functional specification of the application

12-month guarantee

Landing page

Dedicated Project Manager available for the period of application development

Publication in Google Play and Apple Store or inside the company

Confidentiality agreement (optional)

Regular contact in the course of the project

Transfer of the application source code along with compilation and setup instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We used the 'fixed price' as well as time & material settlement method.

Fixed price is a form of settlement based on the agreed, fixed remuneration for a specific scope of functionalities. It is the best solution for big and small enterprises which know what functionalities their mobile or web application should be equipped with and have a specific budget at their disposal.

Time & material involves the creation of a mobile application based on the agreed hourly wages and the scope of actions which is not precisely defined and may be subject to modifications. It is the best solution for startups, as it allows to account for numerous changes and additions arising in the course of software development, while still remaining in control of the budget.

The form of billing always depends on the character of the project and clients' preferences.
Both Android and iOS require work of dedicated programmers. Despite the fact that programming in iOS is more time-consuming and calls for more expertise due to certain restrictions, we offer the same hourly wage for both.

When deciding on a specific platform, clients should consider the target group of the application and the country in which it is to be released.
Clients who decide straight away to have an application created for both platforms, get a 20% discount on the price of the other one.

For example, if the cost of a mobile application for a single system (Android or iOS) is 40,000, you pay only 32,000 for the other version.
Of course! The project can be divided into stages depending on the needs.

At the beginning, only a functional specification and a graphic design may be prepared. Subsequently, the programming process may be divided into minor phases based on the schedule or completion of specific functionalities.
The price of the project includes a 6-month guarantee period. If the project requires constant supervision of a programmer and immediate reaction to potential errors, we recommend buying the maintenance service.

Monthly cost of the maintenance service is calculated individually and depends primarily on the scope of functionalities and the number of users.
Unfortunately, our company does not operate in the sector of co-financing. However, we may suggest some steps that should be made in order to obtain it.

In case of insufficient funds , it makes sense to look for an investor. While making investment decisions, investors pay special attention to recipient demand, market size and investment return forecast. Given that, it will be necessary to carry out a detailed analysis and prepare the so-called minimum viable product (MVP).

Programming a simple mobile application that has got all major functionalities does not require a huge budget and allows verifying whether the project has any chance of achieving success and attracting users, which is ultimately what both the investor and the author of the idea are after.

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Quick estimation
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Functional specification included
in the price of the mobile application.
-20% discount on the other
operating system (Android or iOS).
ISTQB – compatible application tests.

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