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10 Revolutionary Augmented Reality Apps You Should Know About

Jacek Knaflewski

22/03/2019 6 min read

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Everyone in the tech industry has probably already heard of Augmented Reality, as from the far and futuristic concept it smoothly broke through the achievable technology. The study conducted by The Boston Consulting Group shows that more than 80 million people engage with AR on a monthly basis, and this is just US. From a couple of years now, AR surprises with unconventional ideas for augmenting real world. Now, in 2019, AR continues to grow rapidly, as more and bigger companies and startups as well develop their own sophisticated technologies.

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, the choice of augmented reality apps is wide. That’s why we selected 10 cool and promising AR apps of today to share with you.

  • DecorMatters


Create your dream home with DecorMatters AR App. This is the perfect app for shoppers, decor lovers, interior designers and furniture stores. It allows to browse the inspiration feed for ideas, save or share them with friends, virtually scale 3D furniture into any space, measure room dimensions with AR ruler, and interact with real-time users. To create your own design you just simply upload or take a photo of the desired room and design it in the way you like. You can also get a professional opinion on your design as the app has a vast community of users as well as real DM interior designers that are here to help and give feedback. When you finish your design, you can easily shop the look. Each product has a shop button that directs you to the online store or the map with offline stores that are selling this product near you.

  • BooksARalive


You think reading books is passé? BooksARlive will prove you wrong! Engage kids in reading again. This company is aimed at changing the way people see books, reading and technology. Many children perceive reading as boring since they have access to all the absorbing interactive games. This company wants to stimulate their love for reading with multilingual augmented reality books. Every page turns into an interactive scene, where real and fantasy worlds merge. The book is available in English and Spanish, there are also 14 puzzles to play, and a secret Video Game that displays after scanning the book cover.  

  • SketchAR


Always wanted to learn how to draw? You will surely like the first assistant for drawing, using augmented reality and machine learning and neural networks. This app places virtual images on the paper, wall, canvas – wherever you wanna draw, and then lets you trace the lines from your mobile phone. The app uses technology based on computer vision, and with “Progressive Markers” and “Predictable Markers” it is able to analyze every line drawn by the user and convert it to markers. The artificial intelligence plays the role of the user’s assistant that helps to figure out how to draw a particular object. SketchAR can be also used with AR-glasses, enabling to interact with high-definition holograms in the real world.  

  • Amikasa


Amikasa is another tool for interior design. You saw a piece of perfect furniture but not sure if it would fit your room? Or maybe you are thinking of repainting your walls and want to know if you found the right color? This 3D room designer will allow you to build, restyle and redecorate your home with furniture, flooring and wall colors available in stores of the real brands. Firstly, you have to choose the room shape and set the dimensions of the room. Then select wall color and flooring and use drag and drop option to place the furniture. Amikasa has also a walkthrough mode that helps you decide if the design is right for you. If still not sure, you can share your design via social media or email it to your friends.

  • YouCam Makeup


This app is a revolution in makeup history. Remember the time when you were trying an endless number of shades to buy the right lipstick or eye shadow? YouCam Makeup is a smart cosmetic kit allowing virtual makeover with facial mapping technology. Thinking of the total makeover? Experiment with hundreds of makeup and beauty looks in real time. You can either let the app sense your facial features and put the makeup in real time, or you can upload your photo and use the app to overlay makeup on it. Moreover, YouCam Makeup offers advice from experts via video chat service. You can also buy cosmetics you loved directly from the app. The app allows you to try some more expressive looks with ready-made costume looks. Hair color makeover without visiting the salon is possible as well. There are also available stylish accessories, glasses, necklaces earrings and more.  

  • IKEA Place


Every IKEA freak like myself will love IKEA Place. With this augmented reality app, you can easily virtually place the IKEA furniture 3D models in your room to see if they fit right. From yellow armchair, through a wooden table, comfy sofa to a colorful rug, all the IKEA products are available in this app. Just scan the room, browse the furniture, select the piece you love, move around to find the right place for it, and… place! Then you can also share the design with your friends. The aim is to make it easier for people everywhere to imagine the better place to change the way people buy furniture forever.

  • Air Measure


Air Measure is an app for measuring everything, everywhere. It is equipped with 18 different tools so you could be always prepared with the right tool for the job. Let’s see what we have here – onscreen ruler is a basic, but then it’s getting more and more interesting. From capturing floorplans, hanging virtual picture frames, through estimating how tall you are with face detection, TV Sizer – to buy a perfect TV that fits your space, to 3D Trajectory and placing virtual furniture in 2D. And the best thing – it’s for free!

  • Wikitude


Wikitude augmented reality Software Development Kit allows to develop AR apps for smartphones, tablets and digital eyewear. With over 125,000 registered AR developers and 25,000 AR apps, it proves by itself that it is a leading technology provider that transforms business and drives innovation in the tech industry. This solution recognizes, tracks and augments objects, scenes, images, geolocations and the like. In order to create cross-platform AR apps, you can work with either Native or JavaScript API, Unity, Cordova or Xamarin. Along with SDK, Wikitude offers Cloud Recognition – cloud-based target storage for image recognition. This is the solution allowing large-scale projects to host up to 100,000 target images. Another thing is the Wikitude Studio – a code-free augmented reality editor. There’s no programming here and still, you can create, manage, test and publish AR content. The interface has a drag&drop option that makes all the users able to easily build AR projects.

  • Parker: Your Augmented Reality Bear App


Have a little one at home? You would surely like this augmented reality app that comes in the form of a classic teddy bear named Parker. What you need is only your mobile device to discover a new way of fun. Help your kid learn how to care, solve problems and be emphatic. Each time you open the app, Parker will have different problems to solve – fever, tummy problems and more. Use the app to check Parker’s heart or lungs, use the doctor’s tools that come with the bear that activates new visuals and effects in the app and decorate his bandages to boost creativity. Watch how Parker’s Happiness Factor™ transforms the world around him with augmented reality features seen through the magic camera. The teddy bear is compatible with iOS 10 or higher and Android’s Lollipop 5.0 and higher, as well as Kindle Fire 2015+.    

  • Cube-tastic


Here’s another AR app for children, or perhaps adults as well. Remember the good old Rubik’s cube? This company took it to the completely new level. The Cube-tastic comes with the free app for iOS and Android. After scanning the cube, the app uses augmented reality technology to help you solve the cube step-by-step. The cube itself is totally safe – it has rounded corners and it is BPA-free. Cube-tastic develops hand-eye coordination, logic skills, memory, concentration and focus. It is a good exercise both for hands and the brain, and as it has countless combinations – you will definitely not get bored quickly.

With 2019 just getting started, we feel that it will be an exciting year, full of innovative, stunning and exceptional augmented reality apps. The last couple of years has shown that augmented reality technology is nothing but the proof of what humans can accomplish with technology. From entertainment through everyday help, to making our lives simply more comfortable – AR apps bring us more and more benefits. We see a bright future of augmented reality and can’t wait for the new AR apps to change the world.

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