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Web application
for keeping a record
of EHS events

Information about the project

A web application for keeping a record of EHS events integrated with a mobile app that can act as an independent system replacing previously manually-maintained registers in Excel.

The purpose of the application is to automate the process of event registration and to facilitate accident management. Appropriate monitoring and analysis of the register in the web version helps take preventive action against accidents at work. The online health and safety register also saves time of employees by allowing recommendation statuses to be managed by multiple users.


UX / UI design UX / UI
Backend Development Backend
Web Development Web
Functional Tests Functional

Key features

  • Multiple user system access
  • Managing permissions
  • Adding events
  • Adding events automatically, thanks to the mobile app
  • Viewing event details
  • Managing events – setting statuses and priorities
  • Adding recommendations (with a notification) for selected users
  • Audits
  • Automatically sent email reminders
  • Attaching multiple photos to events and recommendations
  • Managing the account
  • Search engine
  • Filtering
  • Statistics
  • Changelog



Analiza ekspercka 1x Project Manager
User Experience Designer 1x User Experience Designer
UI Designer 1x UI Designer
User Experience Project Manager 1x User Experience Project Manager
Backend Developer 1x Backend Developer
Web Developer 1x Web Developer
Quality Assurance Specialist 1x Quality Assurance Specialist

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