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for production
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Information about the project

An application for managing a production company created for the Largest Window Village in Poland, belonging to Dovista company from the Velux Group. Its purpose was to facilitate and accelerate the flow of information between the staff.

An iOS and Android mobile app was created for production staff as well as the management, and it is managed by a complex admin panel designed in particular for HR, OHS and Communication departments.

The result of its use is a significant improvement in the communication process, acceleration of reporting health and safety events or recruitment, as well as substantial savings on printing of company materials.


UX / UI design UX / UI
Backend Development Backend
Web Development Web
iOS Development iOS
Android Development Android
Functional Tests Functional

Key features

  • Login
  • Adding and browsing information and documents from meetings
  • Adding and browsing job offers
  • Adding and browsing employee announcements (e.g. joint commuting)
  • Reporting and reviewing health and safety hazards
  • Viewing the production calendar and shift schedules
  • Completing surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Ranking of user activity with prizes
  • Viewing the production calendar and shift schedules
  • Payrolls
  • Quick contact
  • The division into departments with the option of sending notifications
  • User and group management
  • Statistics and reports





Koin circle


Material Design


Room Android


SQL Server



The app debuted to positive reception from employees and leadership alike. It speeds up response times while reducing internal delays. With their strong performance, ITgenerator is scheduled to work on the next version of the app in 2020.

Karolina Garbiec - Communication Specialist, DOVISTA Polska


Analiza ekspercka 1x Project Manager
User Experience Designer 1x User Experience Designer
UI Designer 1x UI Designer
User Experience Project Manager 1x User Experience Project Manager
Backend Developer 2x Backend Developer
Web Developer 2x Web Developer
Android Developer 2x Android Developer
iOS Developer 2x iOS Developer
Quality Assurance Specialist 1x Quality Assurance Specialist

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