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How to increase app downloads – App Store Optimization

Jacek Knaflewski

02/11/2017 4 min read

You have created an app but the downloads don’t satisfy? A constantly increasing number of apps results in tough competition on the mobile market. Currently, potential users can choose from over 2 million apps in the store. It’s getting increasingly harder to be on the top, but it is possible. One of the things that could help you to boost the popularity of your app after its launch is ASO – app store optimization. Below, we present a few steps you can take to make your product stand out in the searcher.


1. Think of keywords

To make it easier for users to find your app, you should think of how they look for products. Most of people just type into the search field in the app store the problem they want the app to solve. Analyze the persona of your target user and prepare the list of words he or she could use while looking for the app. You can check the effectiveness of your keywords using Google Keywords Planner. This tool will show you how often users search a given phrase and ensure that you’re going the right way.

2. Write a catchy description

When you have already got the list of the most popular keywords, write a description. It shouldn’t be too long – it should shortly present how the app works and include the benefits for the user, so show the advantages of your product and highlight its competitiveness among similar solutions. The first sentence is most important, so it should clearly say what your app does and what problem it solves. Remember also about visibility in search engine. Select the most effective keywords you have chosen and use them naturally in the description. Don’t repeat the same words not to sound artificial.

3. Add a list of keywords

There is a special field just for placing keywords in Apple App Store. It is invisible to users and can contain up to 100 characters. In this field, you should type the most popular phrases, separated by commas, without spaces.

4. Choose the right name for your app

The keywords should be put in the name of the app as well. This will increase the effectiveness of search results.

5. Provide users with attractive screenshots

Prepare screenshots from your mobile app and add them to the store. Take care of the high quality of images. In Apple App Store you need to upload 5,5” photos (the size of the screen in iPhone 7) and the platform will automatically fit it to other screen sizes. In Google Play Store the minimum number of screenshots you need to upload is 2, and their dimension should be maximally 3840 px and at least 320 px, saved as JPEG or PNG.
Images should present core features of your product and catch the attention of the user. Make them look interesting and attract users.

6. Put a demo video

Adding a video is a good idea. It is a perfect way to let users know how to use your app and what they can find inside. Create a very short demo and include it.


7. Create a simple and recognizable icon

Try to design the icon which will stand out from competitive apps. Sometimes the best direction is just simplicity. Look at competitors’ apps in the store and check how your icon presents itself in this compilation.

8. Put your app in an appropriate category

When launching your app, place it in the category that describes its functionality in the most accurate way. Many people view only those sections of the app store that are interesting for them.


1. Promote your app to get some downloads

Apps that have more downloads get higher positions in the search engine results. In Apple store, the most important are the first 72 hours after the launch and in Google Play store the first 30 days. That’s why it’s crucial to promote your app at that time as much as you can and get user’s interest.

2. Encourage users to give a mark

The same is with users’ votes. Both the average rating and the total number of votes and opinions matter. This parameter is also important for other users because they can make a decision easier on the basis of previous reviews. So, control eventual errors in your app and take care of its usability. Make it work perfectly and create a good experience for people. Put also pop up inside your app that encourages a user to share their opinion and to give a mark.

3. Create Google+ account

Another aspect that is taken into account in ASO is ‘likes rate’ in Google+. It’s worth creating a profile for your app in order to get these likes.

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