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How to succeed with mobile application

Jacek Knaflewski

07/11/2017 3 min read

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular. Availability of mobile solutions and their ease of use make the demand growth. Still, barriers for developers to enter the market are relatively small, and it is possible to launch a novel solution even with little time and limited funds. That’s why the number of mobile apps is constantly growing and many young developers try to achieve success with their innovative ideas. However, only a few brand new apps get the approval of users and get rated. The rest is not noticed or is removed after the first use. Why is it so, and what is the recipe for success?

Know the needs

No product will be successful unless it is needed. The same goes for mobile solutions – they must satisfy some real needs of users, so before start designing the app it is worth to think what exactly is the aim of it. If you are going to develop an app, think of what functionalities it is supposed to have and how it should work. Prepare its prototype in as much detail as possible and look for some weak points to eliminate them at the start. Ask yourself who the user will be, what he likes and what he needs. Remember that sometimes the fact that we imagine that someone needs our product doesn’t mean he really does so. Try to confront the reality and research your idea. Learn the opinion of your target group. If you are planning to create an app for travelers, find some travelers and tell them about your solution. You can go to a meeting about traveling or use different forums on the Internet – there is a lot of ways to reach the people who are your potential customers and no one will tell you more about their needs than they will.

Analyze the competition

Maybe your idea seems to be a huge innovation, and you believe it is the only one of a kind, but even then, before you create an app, you should check your competitors. There are surely many similar applications already available on the market. Analyze them thoroughly and see how they work. Maybe you will be able to learn from mistakes of others? Or maybe there are apps which are similar and were totally unsuccessful because they didn’t solve any real problem. Such research can give you a lot of valuable information.

Remember about the quality

If you have already tested your idea and decided to create the app, remember that it should be the best it can be. The app which doesn’t work properly will not gain user’s interest and probably won’t get another chance, even after improvements. Make sure that your mobile application looks excellent and works as it should. List the most important functionalities of your app and introduce them. Take care of graphics and user interface. The app should be easy to use and intuitive. Less is more!

Take care of promotion

It’s here – you’ve launched your app! Now it’s time to let your users know about it. Use different communication channels to interact with your customers. A great opportunity today to present your product are all social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They can be successfully used to inform about your app and share the news. Thanks to these tools you will be also able to measure the popularity of your solution. It is good to use YouTube, brand magazines or websites. Don’t forget that marketing is crucial and all the promotion activities should be included in the application launch plan.

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The complete guide on how to avoid mistakes in creating mobile apps

Ebook - The complete guide on how to avoid mistakes in creating mobile apps

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