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Will mobile apps change the future of enterprises?

Jacek Knaflewski

23/09/2017 2 min read

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The popularity of mobile devices is still increasing. Smartphones and tablets are nowadays even faster and more efficient than the laptops released only a few years ago. They can easily replace computers and perform the same functions. The advantages stemming from the implementation of mobile technology have also been observed in various industrial companies. Production and technological enterprises are choosing mobile apps more and more frequently to manage their activities and control the processes.

Mobile devices can become very important elements in manufacturing processes. The potential of mobile applications for supporting the performance of companies is undoubtedly huge and many businesses have already introduced mobile solutions to improve management, logistics or manufacturing processes.

Real-time reports
This option provides quick access to the production data, which is really important in manufacturing management and planning. Mobile apps for the industry allow to collect the required data directly from the production line and thus generate real-time reports on the performance of the manufacturing processes. Thanks to the round-the-clock availability of this information managers may easily detect problems and breakdowns and report them to the proper department. For example, in case of a sudden machine failure, the employees can send a message to the Maintenance Department via a mobile device and instantly report on the damage. What is more, they can add a picture of the faulty equipment to facilitate diagnostic procedures. This will serve to reduce the reaction time and limit the losses associated with downtimes.

Remote management
Using mobile apps in production can result in not only in a fast monitoring of the processes, but also it allows them to manage from any place in the world. Managers can make changes to the production process through a smartphone or a tablet. Mobile solutions allow to change advanced parameters of machines or get the access to the visualization of the processes in the company. The possibility to control or supervise the factory through a mobile device allows the production managers to intervene even if they are not in the company.

Safe data storage
Storing all data on a mobile device helps reduce the amount of paper documentation. Generating reports directly in the line all the time eliminates the need for inputting data manually. That helps to save a lot of precious time and lets the company keep all data in the electronic version, which makes the storage safer and easier to control.

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The complete guide on how to avoid mistakes in creating mobile apps

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