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Top 10 startups changing the Polish medtech sector today

Jacek Knaflewski

22/02/2019 5 min read

Health and medtech solutions are spreading around Europe with the speed of the light right now. Many innovative ways have already helped thousands of people live healthier, better and happier lives.

Poland does not lag behind, having a vast selection of its own healthcare and medtech startups with their impressive applications. We would like to introduce you to the top 10 exciting Polish startups with the potential to revolutionize the health industry in the upcoming years.

1. CardioCube

You may think “why mHealth apps are so important?”, well, check out this first player on our list. How cool is this CardioCube voice-based AI software designed to help cardiac patients? It reminds us of well-known Siri, but it takes care of your cardio health. You can now talk to your own, personal cardiologist but in the way, as you were talking to your best friend. It would ask you the same questions as your cardiologist and send it to your healthcare provider.  It gets to know your daily routine and learns how to assist you in your everyday cardio life.



2. Konsult Expert

In this busy, demanding world, no wonder more and more people struggle with some psychological issues. Here, the Konsult Expert steps in – an online mental healthcare platform that can be reached out comfortably from your own bed. It provides safe, easy and anonymous access to professional psychologists, counsellors, therapists and advisors. You can choose the contact option: video, audio or chat. There are also advisors that help to choose the right specialist and to explain how the platform works. Mental help has never been easier.



3. Kcalmar

Kcalmar team has created the first solution that allows ordering fully personalized diet, created by a dietician, and sending it directly to your mobile phone. It is a modern platform that connects people with dieticians and offers nutrition programs for different categories prepared by nutrition specialists. Right now, it has 229598 users that in addition to recipes for dishes planned for each day, can also find a shopping list and tips for a dietitian.



4. HospiCare

In Poland, we have over 100 children home hospices. In Europe, there are tens of thousands of them. HospiCare mobile application was created to support every person involved in day-to-day care for patients in home hospices. The tool was created with the cooperation of the parents that take care of their ill children every day, as well as doctors, hospice staff and caregivers. There are a lot of benefits coming from this app for all of them, such as: access to patient data at any time, paperless medical records or 24/7 monitoring of patient’s health. Moreover, it facilitates communication with the caregivers, gives the sense of security to the parents and allows easy contact with doctors. This mobile app is also a place where all the exercises and rehabilitation is reported to keep track of the daily routine. And most importantly, the app guarantees an instant help in case of an emergency.  



5. DiabetesLab

One of the team members suffers from the diabetics for a long time now. That is the reason why the team decided to develop solutions facilitating the daily life of people who live with insulin-dependent diabetes. People with Type 1 Diabetes can now find out what impacts their glucose levels in the short and long term, discover patterns and learn about possible therapy adjustments. Moreover, there is a personal robot, tracking and learning about your training habits, physical activity detection to support the control of your blood glucose levels, and first data-based insulin calculator. All of this available on the online platform and mobile app.   



6. SiDLY Care

SiDLY is a comprehensive, certified telemedicine device in a form of a wristband, connected to the online platform and mobile application for both iOS and Android. The wristband monitors life parameters of the user, measuring the pulse, temperature and sends those data to the web platform. It is also equipped with the fall detector that sends the automatic message to the caregiver with the user’s localization after detecting the collapse. It reminds users to take their medication, analyzes the user’s activity with a pedometer, and measures the atmospheric pressure. In case of emergency, there is an option to press the SOS button, that sends the immediate notification the caregiver, doctor or a family member, allowing quick reaction when the action is needed.  



7. Sportivia

The perfect training, free from injuries, with proper nutrition and ambitious goals. Sportivia is a comprehensive tool for planning, registering and analyzing your workouts. Free for those who manage their activities by themselves, it motivates them and provides with helpful tools. It also has an option of hiring your own personal coach. Additionally, it offers you a vast choice of healthy diets. Plan and keep records of your activities, analyze your progress, control your diet and stay motivated. There is also a version for personal trainers, Coach Sportivia, that support them in managing, planning and analyzing workout plans for their clients. The app is available on Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Phone.



8. TiqDiet

TiqDiet is another worth-mentioning dietary start-up on our list. This comprehensive solution for nutritionists and dietitians support them with diet plans, communication with their clients and keeping track with their daily progress. With TiqDiet you can add as many clients as you want, create an unlimited number of diets, communicate with them via an in-built chat, and track their progress and results. Send shopping lists directly to your clients’ mobile devices (iOS and Android) along with all recommendations and save time with intelligent reminders for your clients’ scheduled activities. Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists in one place. There is also a new option to view nutrition plans on Apple Watch.



9. Orthyo

This is a revolutionary app for physiotherapy. The Orthyo sensors, in the form of a band, make ultra-precise movement measurements in real time. You just simply place the sensors on the body part that requires physiotherapy. At the same time, Orthyo app supervises all the exercises. The solution is obviously very convenient and changes the stereotype of physiotherapy, that is often described as time-consuming, expensive and burdensome. Orthyo takes the rehabilitation process to a completely new level, which does not even require leaving home. The patients can not only control their exercises but also check their condition in the mobile app, view their medical records online and contact specialists via Orthyo service.



10. AioCare 

Are you suffering from the pulmonary condition? Take a breath with AioCare, personal, ultraportable spirometer connected to the dedicated mobile application. There are 300 million people worldwide suffering from asthma, and 210 million people suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. With this solution, all of them can easily keep track of their measurements. AioCare allows analyzing your respiratory parameters while storing all data in a compatible smartphone app. Among AioCare features, there are: hi-precision flow sensor, full spirometry analysis, exhale/inhale measurement, temperature sensor, pressure sensor and heart rate sensor. In addition, it has Bluetooth 4.0 Connection, NFC charging system and life-long battery. The in-home device itself is equivalent to a spirometer used in hospitals, as it is equipped all necessary functionalities.   




From online platforms, through mobile apps to revolutionary devices, Polish startups surprise with innovative steps and ideas to change healthtech sector. Such startups play a very important role in the tech world, bringing users support in one of the most important areas in their lives, which is health. We hope that this sector will continue to grow, facilitating the everyday life of the patients.  

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