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An application for medical couriers

Information about the project

Medical Logistics is an advanced system for ordering deliveries, organising work and managing medical couriers. It consists of a mobile application for a courier, a mobile app for clients and a web application for the controller. Medical Logistics operates in the United Kingdom (including London), handling thousands of medical deliveries.

Thanks to the Medical Logistics app, hospitals, laboratories and private doctors can order a courier in various configurations, according to precise requirements. This app is not an Uber for medical shipments, which will go from point A to point B. Medical Logistics offers much more. For example, in the customer’s mobile app, one may order a courier on a scooter equipped with dry ice, to transport a blood sample that must be refrigerated to the laboratory and back. It is also possible to collect several parcels from many places and deliver them to a destination chosen by the customer. There are many configurations, all to make work in the medical industry even more efficient.

The courier gets a ride notification along with details. On site, the customer can confirm receipt with an electronic signature or an RFID card. The application has been designed and developed for the challenging conditions in which couriers work. It is exceedingly intuitive, has the right size buttons, colours and an offline mode, thanks to which the courier does not waste time catching the network in an office or laboratory.

In the web application, the controller watches over the entire process of ordering and managing deliveries. He also sees the location of each courier and has access to features that help efficiently control all activities and avoid delays


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Key features

  • Onboarding
  • Registration and login with an email address or PIN
  • Push notifications
  • RFID cards
  • Electronic signature
  • Parcel Details
  • Offline mode
  • Geolocation
  • Statuses
  • Delivery selection
  • Delivery history
  • Work time tracking









Room Android


SQL Server



Users find the apps easy to use and effective at scheduling deliveries. The new apps helped ease the scaling of the business and led to increased income. ITgenerator's agreeable nature and technical expertise make them a valuable partner.

Alex Landowski - Operations Director, Medical Logistics


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