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A messenger for the deaf

Information about the project

The original idea for Five App was entirely different from the final version. Initially, it was supposed to be an application for sending hand signs among rappers. It soon turned out that it did not meet with interest of the target group, but perfectly solved the problem of another.

The deaf and hard of hearing had never been able to send messages in sign language to each other before. Not all of them could use traditional messengers and ended up using emoticons only. Five App made a massive pivot and created the world’s first messenger for the deaf and hard on hearing!

Five App uses a word database in sign language to create sentences displayed as mini animations. The animation may be sent directly from the app or via Messenger. The application also facilitates contact with people who do not know sign language, thanks to translations. Now everyone can communicate with ease, and the lives of people with hearing problems have become much simpler.


Backend Development Backend
iOS Development iOS
Android Development Android
Functional Tests Functional

Key features

  • Registration and login with an email address or PIN
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Contacts
  • Notifications
  • Creating animations
  • Composing messages
  • Integration with Messenger
  • Account settings
  • Message translation
  • Word database
  • Categories
  • Avatar personalisation









Room Android


SQL Server



The app receives nothing but positive feedback, successfully allowing sign language users to communicate easily through a personalized experience. ITgenerator is distinguished by their team’s readiness and helpful approach.

Mateusz Mach - CEO, Five App


Analiza ekspercka 1x Project Manager
Backend Developer 1x Backend Developer
Android Developer 2x Android Developer
iOS Developer 2x iOS Developer
Quality Assurance Specialist 1x Quality Assurance Specialist

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