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Best Polish Startups

Jacek Knaflewski

18/07/2016 2 min read

Nowadays Central Europe is an engineer of European Union economic growth and offers most amazing success stories. The Polish economy increases by four percent per year, which is the fastest speed in Europe.

We should start in 2011 when on the polish market appeared Filmaster, probably at that time it was one of the first Polish startups working with the foreign investor – German fund HackFawd. Filmaster is a movie analytic startup tracking what kind of videos users watch on online services and provide them with personalized recommendations.

In 2012 was founded other startup, these time focused on SEO. Positionly informs its users how to gain more traffic and improve their rankings. It is already available on the international market and got investor’s attention very quickly. Another worth to mention polish startups is PricePanorama which monitors real-time price, Sotrender social media analytics & optimization or Brand24 social media monitoring software, which works with all levels of companies, focusing on helping clients use social media for customer service and crisis management. is a Krakow-based startup founded in 2013. For this day it is already a leading global provider of Beacon hardware, backend, and software development service.

Next success story belongs to the Integer’s InPost, a company which not so long ago was a startup in Krakow, and now disrupts global market being a part of Amazon and eBay eco-system, chosen by Naspers as a strategic partner can be considered as advantages. They are currently the world’s largest network for independent sending and receiving parcels during the 24/7 without standing in the queues, thereby ensuring the highest level of logistics services for goods ordering on the internet. InPost is already available on the 22 international markets, such as: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chile, Great Britain, Italy, France, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Cyprus, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and also Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Malaysia. In the UK Paczkomaty® InPost became the winner in the category “Best Carrier Delivery Contribution to Innovation” and got the award named “The Delivery Excellence Award 2014”.

Polish startup has appeared in the fashion industry too. Showroom is a fashion e-commerce platform offering polish designers fashion brands. In 2014 had been sold some of its shares to the international fashion powerhouse Burda International. From that point, the owner made a decision to speed up Showroom’s plans for global expansion, which cause platform’s development for all independent designs from the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Other polish startups which are selling independent designer’s products are Mustache and

The last startup on the polish market which in our opinion is worth to mention is Ecoteria, which allows 3D printing of fashion accessories such as bracelets, watches, straps and other jewelry and selling all of these products on their site.

Year by year the number of startups rapidly grows, and it’s assumed that Poland is a great place for new businesses. We are very proud of that!

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