Mobile App Development Process

Mobile application usage is growing day by day. Developing an awesome mobile app isn’t so easy task. There are a lot of aspects which should be considered during the developing process. Usually business owners as we have already discussed in the previous article cannot decide which platform to choose for their app and developers are not able to determine costumers exact requirements.
Clients have a right to know about all about the phases through which their project is passing. That’s why below is represented mobile app development process which is broken into 5 short stages.

1. Idea and Strategy – Everything starts with an idea. Then we need to create a user story by asking a lot of questions like who, what and why? The right strategy ensures the future success.

2. Design and prototyping – At this stage it’s crutial to determine a proper design and UX project. They will be a part of the most important document which is functional specification. Base on its content developers will develop an app and client will enforce a progress. Both project manager and client need to define the full scope of the project and list all the features. This is also the time to create logos, colors, styles and fonts and check if we like it.

3. Development and testing – From that moment the developers put all their efforts to realize the app idea. That’s a complex process to achieve all goals and ensure that everything takes place on a timely basis. Client can see the results every week or even more often.

4. Launch – And the day has finally come! App is finished, tested and ready to be use. Now is time for App Store or Google Play release. This process can sometimes take a couple of weeks, rejected app can be uploaded again once any issue have been fixed. But don’t worry! Usually it takes max.1 week in case of iOS and only 1 day in case od Android apps.

5. Measurement and optimization – Getting feedback from app users is imperative to extend and enhance functionalities. We use tools as Crashlytics or Google Analytics to get to know users moves and be able to improve any part of the app. Generally first version is just a beginning so be prepared for changes!