Android or iOS mobile app?

You have a great idea about mobile app but don’t know for which platform start to build first?

That is the question that probably all of the startups and entrepreneurs turn up with. Nevertheless, in majority of cases is better to start building for one platform and then speared it into another. Instagram is a good example of such an attitude. It was launched on iPhone only in 2010 and gained 30 million users during 2 years before next version on Android.

Choice of platform depends on several issues like amount of potential users or costumers’ revenue.

  • Android aims for massive acceptance and wider demographics while Apple focuses on customers with higher incomes and specific needs. What’s worth to mention, Apple users are more loyal.
  • Another demographic difference between Android and iOS users is that iPhone holders are relatively younger then Android users.
  • Researches show that iPhone users more frequently spend time to visit online shops and buy products by phones. It means that in the process of making a retail app more advantages have Apple.

Let’s review the latest results. Considering to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) 2015 Q2 statistic results worldwide smartphone market grew 13% with 341.5 million consignments.

In 2008 when Android was introduced in the market it was supported only by several manufactures, now this number has increased significantly. According to above diagram, Android lead the market with 82.3% share in 2015 Q2. Excepting the number one contributor Samsung, huge role in the market share growth has also played Huawei, Xiaomi and ZTE. What is interesting, in 2018, the Android OS predicts to hold 80% of smartphone shipments.

iOS market share reduced by 22.3% QoQ. In spite of seasonal reduce, Apple reach the success by larger screen iOS devices.

Overall, according to IDC the smartphone market will continue to grow with 1.9 billion units and expected result for 2019 will increase by 8.3% compare to 2015 dates.

In one word, both Android and Apple have advantages and disadvantages, final decision depends on you and your app idea.

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We are where innovation is born

Come to a complementary consultation at Poznan Technology and Industry Park