8 Surprising Apps for Android

It’s the end of the era of mobile phones. It’s fair to say that smartphones has taken over the world. Its basic function such as ringing it’s only an addition. Smartphones are no longer just a device to make phone calls and take photos from holidays. Primarily, they are multipurpose tool with countless applications. In this article we will try to introduce you an extraordinary smartphone applications, which you may not know.

What to do in a situation where we need to quickly print a document? We look for the copying point or ask a friend for help and send the necessary files via email or by using a USB memory stick.
What if we could directly connect to the printer via Bluetooth? It’s especially helpful when we work as a sales representative, and the printer is an integral part of our work. Printing machine in a backpack or car seat makes life difficult, in particular, that is available a much better solution.
Now merchants, salesman or anyone who needs an invoice or receipt of purchase for their clients can print it immediately.
Simply by connecting their smartphone using ERP applications to small, portable printer that easily can be worn on a belt.

Using smartphone in the car to play music is an obvious thing. Now our favourite device can be our private mechanician and change the parameters of the engine.
Racechip company created a special adapter, which is mounted between the on-board computer and the engine. It shall assume control over the engine and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The owner of the car can manage his car according to their own needs.
With Racechip app, you can set the sport or eco mode, or increase the amount of horsepower.
Up to 30% more performance, 30% more torque and up to 1 liter less per 100km.

Eternal fight over the TV remote control, its loss or simple laziness will never stop you again from changing a channel on the TV screen.
Every smartphone, which is equipped with infrared IrDA, can be your remote control. What ybou need to do is to download the application, choose the right TV from the list, or set the appropriate frequency and hide forget about your old TV remote control.

Movies about the future, when the owner of the house clapped or waved his hand and locked the door or turned off the light became a reality.
Now, not only we can manage home lighting without leaving the couch. First of all, we are able to manage heating, security, electricity, as well as to have a constant overview of the monitoring.
All of these features are found in apps that can run on both smartphone and tablet.

Your smartphone in conjunction with OTG cable becomes remote computer. You can connect a mouse, keyboard, game controller or USB memory stick. You forgot to take your computer for a weekend trip and need to get something to work? No worries!
Phone screen becomes your computer screen due to the app on Android called Remote Desktop for Android

Why buy a specialized, expensive equipment to monitor children if we have a smartphone? Just borrow second smartphone with the same system from husband or girlfriend and thanks to the app they will become your private nanny that you always have on your hand.
Just leave your phone at the child’s bed as a base station, and keep the other with you. Special settings will recognize the noises and will get you a notification if something happen. You can also listen to the sound on a regular basis and monitor the child when it is not with you.
The use of basic features like cameras or audio recording has never been so useful!

Who would have thought that so inconspicuous device like a smartphone will be able to protect us from harmful radiation, and even save our lives. Of course, the smartphone itself does not have a built-in counter but you can buy a small device, run an app and gain more functions such as detection of nuclear radiation ( alpha, beta, gamma ), levels of ionizing factors, photons of light and x-rays.
Can’t believe? Watch this video demonstration.

Each user should have an android app such as Barcode Scanner, to turn his smartphone into a barcode scanner.
Barcodes and QR codes are used to mark all possible products or corporate documents. More and more frequently, they apply in marketing campaigns aimed at consumers, and primarily in sales, for field workers and entrepreneurs.
Dedicated mobile apps for companies with scanner function is currently indispensable tool, that you can use to idetify objects, products or to manage inventory process.

No need to buy additional hardware. You just need to have a smartphone and properly developed app!

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We are where innovation is born

Come to a complementary consultation at Poznan Technology and Industry Park